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About ShorTouch

We live in an increasingly connected world, where we are no longer simply bound by relations with people we interact with on a daily basis.

Today we can cultivate and maintain relations through specialized tools, expand upon these and increase our connectedness. However, we have a hard time keeping track of all our different online profiles, and an even harder time keeping up with the legions of friends, alumni, colleagues, and family members.
On top of this, although the current platforms allow us to stay in touch with existing relations, they are not best suited to help us extend our networks beyond the people we know.

In another scenario, when looking for a tip, advice or feedback we can find a lot of online reviews. Yet, how can we trust them and make sure that the person commenting thinks like us or has the same expectations? Users want to know what people from their close networks or even extended networks think.

We offer access to hidden, unrevealed, critical and needed information in order to survive in this globalized, relationship-based world. Today, having a strong network is essential. We help people optimize the use of their resources (e.g. relations) to make sure that they don’t miss an opportunity to do so. ShorTouch has developed a web-tool offering two specific services to the users - SEARCH & NETWORK EXPLORATION - requiring the following steps: user connection via their preferred social network or email accounts and the processing of ShorTouch data; then users can start their ShorTouch experience.

ShorTouch tells you how to get the best connection to anyone or anything you want to reach. By analyzing and mutualising data from any user’s interaction networks, it can show the most relevant path (best middlemen) between the user and its target.

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